The perfect holiday dress for less!

Friday, December 31, 2010

It's New Year's Eve!!! The biggest party day of the year and if you are looking for something to wear but don't have a huge budget here is a look for less.

H&M $19.95

DKNY Rose Jacquard Dress in black and gold- $395.00

Natural Beauty

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lately I have been hearing non stop about neem powder and all of its wonderful and magical qualities so I headed over to my local Indian grocer to test it out. I found it for $2.99 and I also purchased rose petal powder and coconut oil.

This is the stuff that I used:
1 tbs Neem powder
2 tbs of lemon juice
*if you search online there are several different mixtures that you can use including a few with grape seed oil. You should choose the best option for your skin type.
1. measure out the neem powder and Lemon juice
2. Mix powder and juice together to make a cake like mixture. It will be muddy green so don't be alarmed. Make sure it's smooth with no lumps.
3. Apply to your face for 15 minutes until it begins to dry. Do not leave it on too long or else you will have an awful time trying to get it off...I'm telling you from experience LOL!
4. Wash off with warm water.
5. Apply your normal moisturising cream. This is a very important step because lemon can be very drying for hair and skin.
Advantages of Neem Powder
Powerful antiseptic...helps with dandruff, cures skin disorders, an is very effective on skin allergies.
Cools natural oil balance of skin
*I've even read that it acts as a deodorant but you'll have to test that out on your own!

If you are experiencing troubles with acne and want a natural remedy this works wonders. I'll be using this mask 3 times a week.

Christmas is here!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!! This is my favorite holiday ever! As a tradition my family tells the story of Jesus' birth to remind ourselves of why we are even celebrating. We cook, watch TV, and spend time together and have the silly tradition of "the Christmas shirt". Each year me and my sister get a new shirt just to wear on Christmas and the following year we use that shirt as our Christmas eve shirt. Seems pretty silly but that's how it goes. I'll post pictures soon!

Here's to all things Festive!! This is the perfect holiday dress!

Kimichi Blue, $149, American Eagle Outfitters.

Here are my Christmas Albums that I'll be playing all day today:

1) My Kind of Christmas by Christina Aguilera
2) Miss Patti's Christmas by Patti Labelle...This is my favorite!
3) This is Christmas by Luther Vandross
4) Merry Christmas by Mariah Carey
5) Home for Christmas by N'SYNC

This brings my 5 days of Christmas to a close! I hope you all enjoyed. Have a fabulous and safe Christmas!!

5 Last minute Holiday gifts!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

5)High paced life style or History buff!
In 1939 the British Government commissioned art work or propaganda to calm people's fears over the looming war. That is where the popular "calm and carry on" slogan was born. These chocolate bars are the perfect gift for someone in your life with a fast paced life. Each bar is handmade and comes in a box with a lid that tells the history of chocolate and the "calm and carry on" slogan., $10 each.

4)For the trendy or the pre-teen
Rebbecca Bonbon is a line from the mind of the original creator of the Hello Kitty character! This ear flap hat is yet another trend that has come from Japan and is taking over with celebrities such as Ashley Tisdadle and Kim Kardashian to junior high and high school students everywhere., $6

3)Our dual religion friends
You may have a friend that celebrates Christmas and Hanukkah and its always a tough decision on what and when to give them their gift but this latke server is the perfect solution!, Latke server, $8.95

2) Long distance love

Are you in a long distance relationship or have a family member that lives out of state? Check out the buddy webcam. They come in a rainbow of colors and easily plug into your computers USB port., Freetalk buddy cam, $29.88

1) For the person who has everything!
If you are very last minute and have no idea what to get someone I suggest that you take the gift card route but don't be stingy and select a store that the person would go nuts over. If the person is a sports buff, tickets to a game may be the solution and they can be easily purchased online anytime of the day. Just remember to be thoughtful and to place it in a card with something nice written in it.

Let's Hear it for the boys!!

More from the H&M Holiday ad campaign. Nothing like a little holiday eye candy! Ladies enjoy!

Shirt -$9.95 Blazer $29.95

H&M 2010 Holiday Ad Campaign!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

To put it simply, I love this! If you haven't seen this ad campaign by now you are missing out. H&M took the less travelled road and has a very diverse holiday Ad campaign this year featuring Waris Dirie and Liya Kebede . Things like this are what the holidays are about.

Personalized Holiday napkins!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

With the holidays a few days away you might be preparing for a party or family gathering. A classic trend is to have personalized napkins but but if you don't have $50 to blow on napkins alone, here is a cute and festive alternative!

Supplies needed:
Dinner napkins in the color of your choice
Ink pad
Stamp with design of your choice


1. Find napkins. This was honestly the hardest part! (I found white napkins with a tacky picture on the front and used the backside for this example).

2. Find stamps and ink in the color of your choice. Beware, stamps can cost up to $40 if you try and get fancy but I found this one and the ink in the $1 bin at Michael's Craft store.

3. Choose a corner and place the stamp and voila!! you have your own personalized napkin. Make sure the ink is dry before you pass them out or else you'll have a mess!

Happy Holidays!!

6 wishes for Christmas

Monday, December 20, 2010

6) The Lakers beat Miami Heat.
I'm so California it's not funny. Although I've never played a game of basketball in my life, I love to watch! The best part of t he day is eating and watching my boys play. Go Lakers!
-Shows on ABC at 2pm west coast time.

5) I would love to receive this gift...
Like any girl, I like nice things. There is nothing like a good gifts from Tiffany's. This is the Else Peretti Open Heart Ring and it retails for $225. One can dream right??

4) I wish that my sister and I make it through Christmas day without getting sick. Its our annual tradition to eat all of the cake and pie that we can but this year I am trying to control myself. Wish me luck!

3) Steve Madden rain boots!! They aren't $300 bucks but who wants to spend all that money to slosh around in water? Properly named Tsunami these boots retail at $79 and come in staple colors...olive, black, and navy.

2) I want to take a carriage ride.
Each year Riverside, CA has a festival of lights and each year I beg people to go with me. They have ice skating, hot chocolate, music and of course carriage rides! One of these years my pumpkin will turn into a carriage ride. The festival runs until January 2nd (which is conveniently my birthday).

1)The thing that I want the most is to spend the day with the people I love and that we enjoy ourselves.
There is no feeling like being around people that you love and that love you back. I hope that You all get the same thing and you remember why we are celebrating. I know...I know have any wine with that cheese! But the holidays are cheesy so please be safe stay fabulous! Happy Holidays!

Tomorrow's post will be for the budget party host! See you then!!

Hot Designer Alert! MD LABL

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Name of Label: MD LABL
Hometown: Los Angeles, California

3 words to describe your collection: off beat, courageous, grunge

What first got you interested in fashion?
I had a gay uncle growing up who used to be a fashion designer in the Philippines, and sadly when people immigrate to the US their careers don’t always translate and he became a bio technician. So, I think his only real outlet for fashion was to do a bunch of sketches for his annoying little niece on a yellow notepad which I began to collect in a binder. This all happened when I was about 10, and I’ve had a great love for beautiful design ever since.

Describe the general process you go through to design and realize a piece of clothing?
It always happens differently for each garment, but generally I sit down with a pile of my favorite magazines like LOVE, PURPLE, i-D and start marking the pages that move me. The emotions and mood that this process evokes usually pushes me in the direction of what fabrics to get and ultimately I sketch with all these things in mind. Draping and sewing follow.

What was your inspiration behind your collection?
This particular collection was inspired by Issue 2 of Love Magazine (autumn/winter). The issue was called New Blood and it featured like 100 young shakers and movers in art, fashion, music, movies, etc. The editorials captured these young people in the most fun and wild light – it made me think of “the fearless youth” and how we all want to be forever young and limitless. That and 90’s grunge really played a part in my designs

Which fashion designer influences you the most and why?
Classically? I would say Givenchy, YSL in the 70’s, and Chanel for being so revolutionary and doing men’s wear inspired fashion. More currently, Marc Jacobs and Rodarte are beautiful designers who don’t take themselves too seriously. But when I think of who I am as a designer now, I can’t help but idolize Alexander Wang because he’s sort of the new blood in fashion, and I love what he does.

If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life what would it be and why?
I think an oversized boyfriend blazer layered over a lace bra and taupe cardigan, biker shorts, sheer black nylons and some hot ass heels. And many many accessories

Fashion trend you’d like to see happen:
Ugly oversized Cosby sweaters =)

Fashion trend you’d wish to die forever:
Nothing! I love it all

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
I see myself being bicoastal between NY and LA – slangin’ my clothes and making my way to top designer status. Travelling all over the world, and gigging in a band again.

How would you describe your personal style?
A former colleague and sort of mentor told me once that I was like Annie Potts’ character Iona from Pretty in Pink because she had a totally different look every time she came on screen. And I said, “yeah…I like that.” I mean, I’m not always on because duh it’s life, but when I am I think I’m a chameleon.

Who is your fashion icon?
Grace Jones and Debbie Harry of Blondie

What is the best fashion advice you’ve ever been given?
Style yourself based on occasion and infuse “you” into everything you put on.

Is there any advice you would like to give to aspiring fashion designers?
It’s hard work, and even though I only just started, I CAN say that we do it because we love it so much. There shouldn’t be any other reason because without that Fashion sort of dies, and then we’re all just lame, uninspired seamstresses.

Special Thanks to Melanie De Jesus for taking out the time to do this interview. I wish her the best of luck in everything she does and I will keep you all posted on when and where the line will be available!

And the beat goes on!

Hellllllllllllo!! My blog followers, fashionistas, bored people! Which ever category you fall under I thank you for reading and I can't wait for the new items that will be posted in the coming weeks.

I would like to say that I'll post everyday but like most of you I have two jobs along with everyday life so realistically I'll have something new twice a week. I want to hear more from what you want to see so please email me at and search us on facebook and "like us". Can't wait to hear from you!

Find me Fab

NYFW weekend schedule!

Friday, September 10, 2010

September 10
Guli Collections, Studio
Tadashi Shoji, Box
BCBGMAXAZRIA Live Stream, Official Designer Website
Duckie Brown, Stage
Michael Angel, Studio
Buckler, Box
EDITION Georges Chakra, Stage
Ports 1961, Theatre
Alexander Berardi, Studio
Nicole Miller, 82 Mercer St.
Fashion's Night Out
Academy of Art University, Theatre
Academy of Art University Live Stream, Official Designer Website

September 11
Lacoste, Theatre
Binetti, Box
Cynthia Rowley, Stage
Cynthia Rowley Live Stream, Official Designer Website
Jill Stuart, The Promenade at David H. Koch Theater, Lincoln Center
Prabal Gurung , Studio
ADAM, Stage
Yoana Baraschi, Box
Vivienne Tam, Theatre
Vienne Tam Live Stream, Official Designer Website
Mik Cire, Studio
Charlotte Ronson, Stage
Z Spoke by Zac Posen, Theatre
Venexiana, Studio

September 12
Derek Lam, Stage
Derek Lam Live Stream, Official Designer Website
Timo Weiland, Box
Lela Rose, Studio
Malandrino, The Grand Promenade at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center
DKNY, 711 Greenwich St.
DKNY Live Stream, Official Designer Facebook
Rebecca Taylor, Studio
Rebecca Taylor Live Stream, Official Designer Website
Rebecca Minkoff, Box
Max Azria, Stage
Diane von Furstenberg, Theatre
Trias, Studio
Y-3, Park Ave Armory, 643 Park Ave.
Global Glam Collection, Box
Custo Barcelona, Stage
Tommy Hilfiger, Theatre
Tommy Hilfiger Live Stream, Official Designer Facebook
Vassilios Kostetsos, Studio
Vassilios Kostetsos Live Stream, Official Designer Website

Mercedes-Benz Fashion week schedule!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 9

Nicholas K, Studio

Project Runway, Theatre

Richard Chai, Stage

Ruffian, Studio

Christian Siriano, Stage 2PM

Bensoni, Box 2:30-4PM

Farah Angsana, Studio 6PM

VERRIER, Box 6:30-7:30PM

Concept Korea, Theatre 7PM

Richie Rich, Studio 9PM

For more information go to! Check back in at to find the new schedule each day!

Fabulous Fact of the day!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

What is Labor day??

Is it just the unofficial end to summer?? Not even close!

According to the United State Department of Labor, Labor day is a national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

Here are a few cute outfit ideas that I found on the Forever 21 website!

Have a wonderful and safe holiday and thanks for all of your hard work! Stay fab!

Fact of the week!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ralph Lauren was born Ralph Lifshitz but changed his last name at age 16 because classmates taunted him!

Children can be so cruel sometimes!

Don't make me over

Monday, July 26, 2010

So I am going to take a more serious note on today's post because the subject is something that is near and dear to my heart. I recently came across the photographs of Crystal Renn in the Fashion for Passion campaign and much like everyone else I thought "What the hell??"

Some how the model who has openly spoken about battling an eating disorde and over exercising has been taken from this very healthy size to the shocking image to the right.

Although weight is something that most people try not to discuss I feel like Crystal is a normal size. Given the journey that she has taken to get to a healthy place it seems a little sad to reduce her size when she's already thin. The more that we give the image of "thin is beautiful" the more that average size girls are going to feel like they are too big. I applaud Crystal for speaking out and telling everyone that she was unhappy with the images. Don't get me wrong, the pictures and the photographer is amazing but it's time to let the "thin is in" image go. With that said I'm not an advocate for being overweight either but I do feel like we need to move towards being confident and loving our natural selves. Most of all that we should be HEALTHY and strive to maintain health and not worry so much about a clothing size.

Fashion is fun and Fashion for Passion is a great organization but sometimes there are underlying issues that should be addressed. I hope that those of you that read this blog feel like you are beautiful and can look in the mirror and find things that you love about yourself. Have a fabulous and beautiful day!

Zip it!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

While shopping today I kept seeing guys staring at me. I thought it was because I looked nice but I find out that I have shopped for most of the day with my fly alllllll the way down! Not only was it down but I find that it is broken so I can't even fix the issue. I was embarrassed but now I know why it's important to always wear cute underwear! This blog is dedicated to all things zippers...starting off with the top 11 ways to tell someone their fly is down (this would have helped!!)

Cute ways to tell someone their fly is down:
11. Your fly is down....simple right??
10. Your beer store is open (this gives me the creeps but I chuckled when I read it lol)
9. Your elevator went down
8. Are you afraid of heights?? because your fly is low.
7. I know you love me, but I don’t need to see all of you.
6. Our next guest is someone who needs no introduction...
5. You’ve got a security breach at Los Pantalones.
4. You left the barn door open and the horse is getting out.”
3. The cucumber has left the salad.
2. You’ve got Windows on your laptop.
1. I always knew you were crazy, but now I can see your nuts...from the David Letterman show.

And if all else fails just send a text telling your friend that their fly is down.

Stayed tuned for the next blog on how to fix a broken zipper.

Fabulous quote of the week.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

"UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." - Dr. Seuss.

No matter how much we accomplish we all need a little inspiring. Press forward and have a fabulous day!

Shoe drama...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dear Find Me Fabulous,
Can you find me some non old looking 3-4 inch heels in wide width?
Ms. D (fashionable101)
Hello Ms. D!

First off I would like to thank you for being our first question to be answered on the blog! Thank you for your participation and for following us on twitter.

To answer your question, finding a fashionable shoe that is in a wide width style can be one of the most challenging things possible. For some reason it is assumed that if you have a wide foot you only like to wear slippers and work shoes. Unfortunately if you are young and have an active social life you want shoes that pop and add a little character to your wardrobe...quite frankly I don't blame you!
I found a few shoes that you might like and a few companies that offer shoes in wide width. Not knowing the exact outfit that you will be wearing I chose shoes that come in a variety of colors and that have different toe shapes so I hope that this helps you.

If you are feeling like a rock star this shoe called the Black Portia Heel might be perfect for you. Available at Torrid for $39.00 (did I mention they are on sale?) They are designed to fit a wider foot and a a larger calf.

This shoe is by Gabriella Rocha Averie and can be found at If you are looking for something a little more tame it is also available in black, black patent leather, blue, purple, grey and many other colors. The heel is 3 1/2 inches and are priced at $49.95.
Both website have a large selection of shoes that are wide width and that are fashionable as well.
Good luck and stay fabulous!!

Distance make the heart grow fonder!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I have been a horrible blogger but when life calls, you have to answer. While I've been away I have decided to make a few changes to the blog. I will be posting a few times a week to give my readers a chance to read and catch up on the articles that have been written. I will still post the fabulous facts but they will be once a week instead of each and every day.

I will be also doing a look of the week and style and fashion reviews. These things are the same that every fashion blog has so to change it up I will be asking for you, my readers to write in with your fashion questions and ordeals or even fashion mishaps. If you have a question I will post it and answer it and you will also get feed back from other readers as well.

What I am the most excited about are the fashion designer interviews that are yet to come!

To email me your questions, stories, or suggestions please email me at Also find us on facebook by searching Find me Fabulous. Like us so you can stay fabulous!!
And don't forget to follow on Twitter as well at!!

Fabulous Fact of the Day!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The “Gibson Girl” look, popularized in 1890 by Charles Dana Gibson, came to symbolize the sensible American girl’s ideal image.

Fabulous fact of the day!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

In ancient Egypt, the sandal demonstrated a person’s rank in society. Slaves either went barefoot or wore crude sandals made from palm leaves. Common citizens wore sandals of woven papyrus, consisting of a flat sole tied to the foot by a thong between the toes. But sandals with pointed toes were reserved only for the higher stations of society, and the colors red and yellow were taboo for anyone below the aristocratic rank.

Fabulous fact of the day!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Marie Antoinette was modest about her body so she wore gowns which buttoned all the way up to the top of the neck. She was so modest, in fact, that she wore these gowns even while bathing!

Kim Kardashian receives a wax figure

Monday, July 5, 2010

Wouldn’t it be every girls dream to have their very own wax figure? The newest celeb to be replicated at Madame Tussaud’s wax museum is the one and only Kim Kardashian. If you follow her on Twitter you know that she’s been keeping her followers (me included) in suspense with her tweets. One mentions her being measured and another that she’s been working on a top secret project, she later revealed that she has a wax figure being made! The figure looking almost identical to her wears a pink Herve Leger bandage dress that she is famous for and long black hair that she is famous for.

How close do you think the figure is to real life??

Fabulous fact of the day!

And, at the end of the 15th century, Charles VIII of France tried to find more comfortable shoes for his feet, one of which had 6 toes. He had shoes designed with a square toe, which came to popularity immediately after he began wearing them.

10 retail power players

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The National Retail Federation has released the top 10 retailers of the year. Despite the hard economic times there are still stores that have managed to do well. The list is based on the US sales from 2009. It will be interested to see what this list will consist of for 2010!

10.Best Buy


8. Lowe's

7. CVS Caremark

6. Costco

5. Home Depot

4. Walgreen

3. Target

2. Kroger

1. Wal-mart

Were you surprised? I thought Kohl's might have made the list. I'll search for the full list and post that as well. If you want to read more on the article this is the link provided by yahoo finance:

Fabulous Fact of the day!

In the 18th century it was even considered fashionable to wear fake eyebrows made from mouse skin! As mice were caught they were skinned and cleaned and shaped into eyebrows which the well-to-do and fashion plates of the times glued over their real brows.

American Woman!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

God bless the always fashionable and talented Lenny Kravitz for remaking great songs like these!

This song is originally by The Guess Who

Style Watch: Military chic

One of the hottest looks this summer is military chic which incorporates the greens and nudes and brings back the look of the cargo pants. I have yet to see a look that is really "chic" until now. While browsing through the Express website I came across this look and fell in love right away.

Fab fact of the day!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Did you know the skirt is the second oldest women's garment in history? It's preceded only by the loin cloth in age. In Egyptian times, the skirt was worn by both men and women which can be verified by looking at drawings from ancient times.

Would you??

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I am from Southern California where we have two seasons: spring and summer while browsing through my local forever 21 I came across and item that stunned me. Leather Shorts! Living in a place where it is usually 75 degrees and up I just want to know how you feel about this style??

Fabulous Fact of the Day!

In Cleopatra's time berries and other natural ingredients were used to enhance the face. Nowadays different ingredients are used in the making of colors for the face. Today's average woman uses 6 pounds of lipstick in a year but few of them know that one ingredient frequently used in manufacturing lipsticks is fish scales.

Fabulous fact of the day!

Monday, June 28, 2010

False eyelashes were invented for Hollywood producer D.W. Griffith who wanted to enhance Seena Owen's eyes for a 1916 film. The eyelashes were made out of real human hair.

Fabulous Look of the day!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

At the Los Angeles Premiere of Twilight there were hundreds of people lined up just to get a glimpse of their favorite celebrity. This premier came complete with a black carpet and just about all the most popular celebs you can think of. Oh yeah, tons and tons of screaming teenage girls!

Kristen Stewart showed up wearing a white one shoulder Elie Sabb mini dress. I'm not crazy about the dress but I am glad she is starting to glam things up a bit!

Now on to the boys! Robert Pattinson had all the girls swooning in a slim fitting heritage style Maroon Gucci suit from the fall/winter 2010 collection. Debuting his new hair cut he looked dapper for a change.

Taylor Lautner looked...well...the same as usual wearing a simple black business suit.

I am not too sure how I feel about their choices as a group but in a battle of the boys, Edward (excuse me) Robert Pattinson wins this battle for sure!

Fabulous Fact of the day!

Invention of the Bermuda Shorts

Back in the 1930’s, women in Bermuda were forbidden to show their thighs in public. Female visitors and local residents wanted to wear shorts so they simply lengthened the length of their shorts to the knee to cover their thighs.

Fabulous fact of the day!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Elizabeth I loved hats so much that she made it mandatory for all females over the age of 7 to wear a hat on Sundays and holidays. Anyone who refused to do so was stiffly fined.

They wore what??

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Every now and then I hear a story that makes me stop dead in my tracks. After watching the news I heard that Lady Gaga was spotted at a baseball game wearing...well...nothing. I"ll let the picture speak for itself.
And giving the bird in public is not so "lady" like.

Fabulous fact of the day!

Wonderful Wonder bra!

Would you believe the bra wasn’t patented until 1914? The bra was created by a young New York socialite named Mary Phelps who grew weary of having her camisole show when she wore a lace blouse. Using handkerchiefs, she designed the first rudimentary bra which she eventually had patented in 1914. Women everywhere loved Mary’s new design and the first bra took off in a big way. It was later that a woman named Ida Rosenthal started designing bras with different cup sizes.

Does anyone have a tissue???

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fabulous Fact of the Day!!

Have you ever asked yourself why there are buttons on the ends of jacket sleeves. According to information passed down through the ages, none other than Napoleon Bonaparte dictated that buttons be attached to jacket sleeves to stop the annoying habit soldiers had of wiping their runny noses on their jacket sleeves.

Young Fabulous and Broke

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I have just fallen in love...with Young Fabulous and Broke!! The Imogen dress is one that can be worn for all occassions and even worn in the winter with colored or textured tights. This dress retails at $136.40 and it is worth every single penny. Clothing lines like these make fashion edgy and fun. They have officially found a fan with Find me Fabulous!

Please visit their website at and be sure to tell us what you think!

Fabulous look of the day!

Camilla Belle not only has a pair of the best eyebrows in the business but her style is impecable. Spotted in New York at the Whitney Contemporaries Art Party she looked amazing wearing a kelly green BCBG Max Azria from their fall 2009 collection.

Fabulous Fact of the day!

Initially, only one ring was used for an engagement and a wedding. Then in 1477, Maximilian of Austria gave an engagement ring to his beloved, Mary of Burgundy starting a tradition!!

Don't we just love him!

Fabulous fact of the day!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Alabama it is illegal to wear a false moustache which causes laughter in church!!

Hopeless romantic

I am without a doubt the worlds biggest hopeless romantic. Like most girls I feel like I should be treated like a queen and I have no problem treating a deserving man like a king and as a matter of fact I look forward to it. There is nothing better than being in a relationship with someone that makes you feel appreciated and that adds to your life rather than take away. I've always been the dreamy eyed girl that wants to be wooed but the strange thing about me is that I am not a fan of weddings. I think they are fussy and made out to be more important than the actual marriage itself.

In late May I started reading the Nicholas Sparks book, The Wedding and I fell in love. Not with weddings but I guess I just started to see that they aren't all horrible and every wedding day doesn't have to be like on Bridezillas. The book discusses a man that has spent his entire life doing what he was suppose to, providing a roof over his families head and being faithful but in the course of his life he forgot to do those little things that matter in a relationship. He beings to realize this and starts to change and appreciate his wife and his family more than ever and actually starts living. I know, gag me with a spoon right?? Well as I get older and relationships become more serious, stories like these start to make sense. You would think that its easy to show someone that you love them but sometimes life gets in the way and its not so simple.

Here is a passage from the book:

"I once made a vow to you on the steps outside the courthouse, and as your husband of thirty years, it's time I finally made another: From this point on, I will become the man I always should have been. I'll become a more romantic husband, and make the most of the years we have left together. And in each precious moment, my hope is that I'll do or say something that lets you know that I could never have cherished another as much as I've always cherished you."

I finished the book this morning so I'm still feeling all lovey dovey so I was inspired to find 2 things about weddings with two important aspects: 1. They don't make me gag 2. Simplicity.

Dress can be found at David's Bridal

I love this combination of manzanita branches and roses.

Top 5 fashionable celeb dads!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

In honor Father's Day we are covering the top five celeb dads! Now we don't know these guys personally so we can't order them from one to ten but you can decide that on your own. Enjoy!

~Barack Obama~

~Rev Run~
~Blair Underwood~

~Kobe Bryant~

~Will Smith~
We know there are many more dad's out there in the celeb world and the real world so we want to thank you guys for your dedication and love. Find me fabulous wishes everyone a happy father's day!