5 Last minute Holiday gifts!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

5)High paced life style or History buff!
In 1939 the British Government commissioned art work or propaganda to calm people's fears over the looming war. That is where the popular "calm and carry on" slogan was born. These chocolate bars are the perfect gift for someone in your life with a fast paced life. Each bar is handmade and comes in a box with a lid that tells the history of chocolate and the "calm and carry on" slogan.

Decorativethings.com, $10 each.

4)For the trendy or the pre-teen
Rebbecca Bonbon is a line from the mind of the original creator of the Hello Kitty character! This ear flap hat is yet another trend that has come from Japan and is taking over with celebrities such as Ashley Tisdadle and Kim Kardashian to junior high and high school students everywhere.

Kmart.com, $6

3)Our dual religion friends
You may have a friend that celebrates Christmas and Hanukkah and its always a tough decision on what and when to give them their gift but this latke server is the perfect solution!

shop.thejewishmuseum.org, Latke server, $8.95

2) Long distance love

Are you in a long distance relationship or have a family member that lives out of state? Check out the buddy webcam. They come in a rainbow of colors and easily plug into your computers USB port.

Shop.skype.com, Freetalk buddy cam, $29.88

1) For the person who has everything!
If you are very last minute and have no idea what to get someone I suggest that you take the gift card route but don't be stingy and select a store that the person would go nuts over. If the person is a sports buff, tickets to a game may be the solution and they can be easily purchased online anytime of the day. Just remember to be thoughtful and to place it in a card with something nice written in it.


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