6 wishes for Christmas

Monday, December 20, 2010

6) The Lakers beat Miami Heat.
I'm so California it's not funny. Although I've never played a game of basketball in my life, I love to watch! The best part of t he day is eating and watching my boys play. Go Lakers!
-Shows on ABC at 2pm west coast time.

5) I would love to receive this gift...
Like any girl, I like nice things. There is nothing like a good gifts from Tiffany's. This is the Else Peretti Open Heart Ring and it retails for $225. One can dream right??

4) I wish that my sister and I make it through Christmas day without getting sick. Its our annual tradition to eat all of the cake and pie that we can but this year I am trying to control myself. Wish me luck!

3) Steve Madden rain boots!! They aren't $300 bucks but who wants to spend all that money to slosh around in water? Properly named Tsunami these boots retail at $79 and come in staple colors...olive, black, and navy.

2) I want to take a carriage ride.
Each year Riverside, CA has a festival of lights and each year I beg people to go with me. They have ice skating, hot chocolate, music and of course carriage rides! One of these years my pumpkin will turn into a carriage ride. The festival runs until January 2nd (which is conveniently my birthday).

1)The thing that I want the most is to spend the day with the people I love and that we enjoy ourselves.
There is no feeling like being around people that you love and that love you back. I hope that You all get the same thing and you remember why we are celebrating. I know...I know have any wine with that cheese! But the holidays are cheesy so please be safe stay fabulous! Happy Holidays!

Tomorrow's post will be for the budget party host! See you then!!


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