Personalized Holiday napkins!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

With the holidays a few days away you might be preparing for a party or family gathering. A classic trend is to have personalized napkins but but if you don't have $50 to blow on napkins alone, here is a cute and festive alternative!

Supplies needed:
Dinner napkins in the color of your choice
Ink pad
Stamp with design of your choice


1. Find napkins. This was honestly the hardest part! (I found white napkins with a tacky picture on the front and used the backside for this example).

2. Find stamps and ink in the color of your choice. Beware, stamps can cost up to $40 if you try and get fancy but I found this one and the ink in the $1 bin at Michael's Craft store.

3. Choose a corner and place the stamp and voila!! you have your own personalized napkin. Make sure the ink is dry before you pass them out or else you'll have a mess!

Happy Holidays!!


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