I Heart my Boobs!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Name: Brenee "the queen diva" Hendrix
Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga
Organization: I Heart my Boobs

What made you start I Heart my boobs?
I started I heart my boobs because I wanted to create a fab organization that provides incentives to young women to get screened for breast cancer to promote early detection.

How can people get in contact with the organization?
People can find us on Facebook, call us 909-257-6991 or email us at iheartmyboobs@yahoo.com

Since its the month of love, we are going to play a small game. Its call 3,2,1.

What are 3 fashion trends you love right now?
Embellished platform heels, leather and lace, and classic/sophisticated i.e. pencil skirts and sheath dresses

Name two of your favorite stores.
Bakers shoe store!! Forever 21

Who is one person or thing that you can't live without.
My amazing daughter Saniah Breann

Now that you are a survivor, has your view on love and relationships changed any?
Lord yes! It's taught me to try and enjoy as much as I can and not sweat the small stuff so much.

What advice do you have for people out there that have cancer or know someone with it?
Take it minute by minute and when you have the strength day by day. I'd say that there are several things we can't get back in life, like yesterday so choose to be happy as often as you can. I'd say cherish the people and the things that make you happy and smile as much as possible. Do research, be proactive and love and laugh 100times more than you used to. To those with loved ones diagnosed I'd say there isn't anything you can say that will make it alright but try anyway and know when it's just time to listen.

What motivates you?
My goals and desires motivate me; I haven't accomplished all that I want to! I still have to take over the world and that takes motivation! Lol

Do you have a personal mission statement?
My mission is to be the best at all that I have been entrusted with while keeping God first and lifting others up. In order to be "the" best you have to be "your" best.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hmmmmm hopefully being married to Shamar Moore! Lol! On a serious note, in a relationship and perhaps on the way to being married. Running ihmb and adding facets to it and expanding. Overseeing ihmb conventions! Having a children's book line and my own clothing line oh and maybe a kids clothing line as well!! I better get on it lol!! I'm behind schedule!

Any last words of advice?
Everyone needs help to stay fab so pay attention! P.S. fab people aren't jerks! So be kind and respectful to others!!


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