Mayonnaise Mayhem

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This past weekend I was suffering from extreme boredom so I came up with the idea to mayonnaise my hair. Yep...I was THAT bored. I went into my kitchen, put on gloves, and put real mayonnaise on my head and let it sit for about 45 minutes. It took 2 washes to get it all out (I have realllly thick hair) and I had to condition it 3 times and use a deep conditioner after. The end result was not that impressive. My hair was really greasy and had a residue on it and it wasn't any softer than it usually is.

Claims: The protein from the mayonnaise fills in the hair shaft and makes your hair lay flat, giving the appearance of a fuller, shinier hair.


  • Apply mayonnaise to dry or slightly damp hair and let sit for up to an hour (its advised to use a shower cap to avoid getting mayonnaise on your clothes, couch...other get the point)

  • Wash out with shampoo (it will take two or more washes to get all mayonnaise out)

  • Condition hair with moisturising conditioner (I used Kera care conditioner but Vo5 or anything else will work just fine)

  • Deep condition hair for an hour

  • Style as usual
Pros: I got rid of a jar of mayonnaise that would never be used otherwise

Cons: Left my hair with a residue even after conditioning

At the end of the day, I totally support making hair conditioners at home but this remedy didn't live up to the hype....and definitely wasn't worth smelling like a sandwich for two days.


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