The Fabulous Girls Guide to: Unofficially moving in

Thursday, October 20, 2011

There comes a point in most relationships where you are either ready to take things to the next level or you aren't sure what the hell the other person is thinking. No one wants to rock the boat so you become unsure but I've devised a plan that will give you the answers you need. I've always thought there was an art to "unofficially moving in" (don't've thought about it too) and I've finally found a few items that start the process. Don't leave them in a cluttered mess just strategically place them and check for them the next time you hang out. What's a few lost items compared to a lifetime of happiness?? Right??

1. Sunglasses/ glasses- sometimes its worth being blind for a day or two just to test where your relationship is. Much less stressful and awkward than a serious conversation.

2. Headbands- I tried this and never saw it again so proceed with caution. This could potentially work with any accessory. (It doesn't count if you hide it...)

3. Receipts- Dinner for two? Forever 21 purchase? Crumple it up and toss it on the floor. I like to call this "fashionably pissing on a tree"

This list is just for fun so please don't take any of it serious. I am not responsible for the newly dumped or severely devestated.


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