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Saturday, November 12, 2011

I really want to thank Butter London and Lauren from Siren Public Relations for sending The Black Knight Nail Lacquer, Hardwear P.D Quick Topcoat Treatment, and Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat Treatment. I was first introduced to the brand through online shopping at Revolve and was impressed by their product line. The company which was created by creative director Nonie Crème is famous for its "3 free" (non-toxic) product line which includes nail lacquers, hand and nail treatments, luxury lotions, and a pedicure collection.

For the best results use all three products that are mentioned above together for a long lasting manicure.Here is the process I used:
1. I started by using the nail foundation which is basically face foundation for your nails because it hides any ridges in your nails. It leaves a silky matte finish and can be worn alone.

2.I waited about 5 minutes and applied two coats of The Black Knight Nail Lacquer which is the perfect holiday nail polish. It contains black, pink, blue, and silver glitter in a black base.

3.Once that dried I completed the manicure by using the Hardwear P.D Quick Topcoat Treatment. This leaves an ultra glossy, non-toxic topcoat that leaves your nails looking wet even when they are dry. I let them sit for 5 minutes and I was done!

Due to my job, I expect a lot out of fingernail polish. I spend 99% of my day working with my hands which doesn't fair well with my mannicures. Typically they last about one day (seriously). So I tested the Butter London product to see how long it will last. I applied the product on Tuesday and by Friday my mani was still going strong! I had only 3 major chips but that was after 3 loads of dishes and dressing 12 mannequins. Pretty impressive! So to me this trio is pretty heavy duty. Butter London gets a 10 on our fabulous radar!

Butter London products are available at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport flagship store,, and in fashion boutiques, specialty retailers, and beauty apothecaries around the globe.

The Black Knight Nail Lacquer, $14. Hardwear P.D Quick Topcoat Treatment, $18. Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat Treatment, $18.
Special thanks to Butter London, Lauren Larkin, and Siren Public Relations Inc!


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