DIY: Gold leaf Manicure

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I was recently looking on pinterest and saw this post and decided to try it for myself.

For this design you need the following items
-Nail polish of your choice
-Gold Leaf flakes or sheets
-Top coat

Here's my process!
I cleaned my nails and applied Butter London's Nail foundation.
I applied Essie's Turks and Caisos
Here's the gold leaf! Be careful because it's messy. I cut small tiny squares and pressed them on my nails.
I painted my entire nail with Turks and Caicos because the gold leaf is very easy to scrape off so when it comes off there will be color underneath. After I applied the gold leaf I used Butter London's top coat to seal the polish and leaf. Voila!I decided to only do my pointer finger because the gold on my whole hand was a bit too flashy for me. Apply as you desire!
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Essie's Turks and Caicos, $7.49. Essie. Butter London Nail foundation and top coat, Butter London. Brittney Skinny destroyed denim and leopard scarf. Guess.


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