DIY: Newspaper Nails

Sunday, May 20, 2012

My newest nail experiment. Tell me what you think!

Supplies Needed:
Nail polish of your choice
Cotton Swabs
Cuticle oil ( I strongly recommend it due to the use of alcohol)


1. Start with clean manicured nails.

2. Paint nails the color of your choice. The lighter the better (I'm wearing Yummy Mummy by Butter London)

3.Let nails dry completley.

4. Tear or cut pieces of newspaper to fit over each nail.

5. Place  a small piece of newspaper on nail.

6. Take cotton swab and rub alcohol over nail ( it might be easier to tape the paper on your finger)

7. Make sure the newspaper is wet with alcohol. Press paper hard and gently peel away from your nail. The ink from the paper will transfer to your nail.

7. Time for top coat!

What should I try next?
:: Polish: Butter London's Yummy Mummy ::

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