DIY Rose Petal Sugar Scrub

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Guilty confession: I’ve never been much of an exfoliator (stop judging).  Until recently I never knew the benefits of voluntarily scraping off your own skin until I tried it. While looking at TheBeauty Department, I saw a post about a coconut oil, rose petal sugar scrub and thought it was worth the try. The results are that my skin was super soft and I smelled like a new born baby angel!
-Raw Sugar (brown sugar works too)
-Coconut oil
-One rose petal
-Sweet almond oil (optional)
-Mason jar w/ lid

1. Pour raw sugar or brown sugar into mason jar.
2. Take Petals off rose and place in jar.
3. Place lid on the jar and let it sit for about an hour.
4. Mix the ingredients together and use as a body scrub!

What are your favorite homeade body scrubs?


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