Fabulous Girl's Guide to: Reindeer nails

Friday, December 7, 2012

Who doesn't love a fun Christmas nail to get you in the Christmas spirit! Here is a fun tutorial on how to get reindeer nail art.

White, brown, black, and red nail polish
Black nail pen (optional)
Cotton balls

1. Start with clean and dry nails.

2. Paint nails with a coat of white nail polish. I used a generic polish by NYC.

3. Using a black nail pen draw 3 half moons on your nail. (this will be the reindeers nose, body, and head)

4. Using a brown nail polish, paint inbewteen the half circles. I ended up painting over the nose...oops!

5. Repaint lines lines...if necessary.

6. Paint noses, eyes, and antlets on your reindeers. I used butterLondon's Chancer to make a rudolph nail.

7. Paint in your eyes and clean around your nail to get rid of excess paint and enjoy!

::Nail Polish: Chancer by butterLondon (red sparkles). French White Tip #134 and Black Lace Creme #119 by NYC. Toasted Almond by Covergirl Outlast. ::

Stay tuned for more holiday inspired nail art! Happy Friday!



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