South by South West Survival Guide

Monday, March 11, 2013

1.  Headbands / hair ties: You can't be a sexy dancing machine with your hair flying all over the place.  It's always a good idea to have a headband or a hair tie on hand to tie your locks back and still look cute! Tie Dye Angela Headbands, Twistbands.

2. Crossbody purse: A hands free bag is the best thing you can have so your hands aren't restricted. It's best to have a bag that is small enough not to be in the way and big enough to fit your cell phone and lip gloss and passes to events. Basic fringe bag, Whiting & Davis.

3.  Cute and comfortable shoes: Don't be the girl that ends the in the night leaning on her friends shoulder or walking barefoot in the street (we've all been there!). Wear a shoe that is comfortable and will allow you to stand and walk around for hours.
Maci Sandal, Dr.Scholl's or Maya Sandal, Ipanema.

4. Band tees or tank tops: The weather in Austin, Texas is suppose to be pretty mild so it is great to have a fun shirt to show off your favorite music artist. Hint: don't wear a color that turns darker if it gets wet (no one likes sweat stains). Snoop Dogg Muscle Tee. Forever 21.

5. Denim shorts: The best thing ever invented! Need I say more?? Nymph short, Eugene is my Middle Name.

6. Backup battery: This will relieve some of the anxiety of trying to save your battery. You'll need all of your battery to take tons of Instagram pictures and tweet your life away! Printed backup battery, J. Crew.

7. A solid Manicure: Pick a fun vibrant color that shows off how excited you are to be at the most influential media festival in the world. I would recommend that you bring the bottle with you to your hotel just in case you get a chip!
"Groove is in the Heart" nail color. Deborah Lippmann.

Here are a few other tips on how to survive a festival:

- If you are going with friends make sure to have a meet up point just in case the group gets separated. Trying to find two people in a crowd of 30,000 is not fun!

- Write down contact phone numbers on a piece of paper so if your cell phone dies you will be able to call people (lets face it who really memorizes phone numbers anymore??)

- Don't wear anything tight or restricting! There will be tons of walking and standing so you want to be comfortable and in a good mood to dance and shop.


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