3 Years and Counting!

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Three years ago, I started this blog expecting to have a small audience of friends and family. I was nursing a broken heart and decided to step out on a ledge (keep reading lol) and create something for myself. I wanted a platform where the things that are important to me are safe and accepted.
Now I have you all as my friends and hope you feel the same way!

I have accomplished some of my wildest dreams by having this blog and each day that I read your comments, tweets, and Facebook messages I am inspired and encouraged to keep dreaming. Everyday I hope that you find this blog as a place to be yourself, a place to find encouragement, and interact with other people that love the same things as you.

Honestly, I can't ever explain how thankful I am for each of you! Lets celebrate the past three years and look forward to the future. You all are my friends and I love you more than any letter or gift could ever explain!

I would love to hear ideas on things you would like to see more on the blog!

Thank You!!


  1. Happy blog birthday Honey!



    1. Thank you! How long have you been blogging?