Style File: Jessica Clark

Monday, June 17, 2013

I'm always in awe when I see someone on the red carpet wear something from a brand or a boutique where I shop (think Helen Hunt wearing H&M to the Oscars or Beyonc√© wearing Top Shop).  Jessica Clark of HBO's True Blood is a celebrity who often wears attainable and affordable fashion and makes stuns on the red carpet.
True Blood's Jessica Clark donned this gorgeous leather bodice and silk skirt number while attending the season premiere party of the hit HBO series on May 11th in Hollywood. Here is a way to get her look with the actual dress and a shorter option for a hot date night (hey boys!)
1. Mason by Michelle Mason Mini Dress, Madison Los Angeles. 2. Butler Please, Essie. 3. BCBG Cuff Bracelet, BCBG. 4. Mason by Michelle Mason Maxi Dress, Madison Los Angeles. 5. Cross Earrings, Forever 21.
Who is your celebrity fashion icon?


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