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Sunday, November 24, 2013

 GQ’s December Men of the Year issue honors the most incredible, most awe-inspiring, highest achieving men of 2013. Two of the year’s top performers, Justin Timberlake(“#Hashtag of the Year”) and Kendrick Lamar (“Rapper of the Year”), along with two of Hollywood’s biggest superstars, Matthew McConaughey (“Leading Man of the Year”) and Will Ferrell (“Funnyman of the Year”), each are featured on the eighteenth annual edition of the issue. Honored on a fifth cover is the late James Gandolfini, whose passing shocked the world this summer. 
I've had the pleasure of seeing both of these men perform this year and they are both amazing! Growing up an NSYNC fan, it was a dream of mine to see JT hit the stage with Jay-Z at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena and he worked his ass off! The man played every instrument and danced like there was no tomorrow the entire show!
Kendrick Lamar is equally talented and engaging when on stage and makes you feel every emotion. When he raps, there are no gimmicks and every word that he says feels genuine.
Congrats to all of the "Men of the Year"!
Justin Timberlake: #Hashtag of the Year
By Amy Wallace Photograph by Sebastian Kim
Speaking very candidly with GQ’s Amy Wallace, Timberlake shares that negative critical response to his work (particularly his box office failure, Runner Runner) can get to him:
This face,” he says, circling it with one finger. “This recognizable face that you work so hard to get—not because you want the recognition but because you know you're made to do it.” This face, he's saying, comes at a cost. “The movie didn't do well at the box office, so I should quit? Hold on a second. If I was somebody else, you wouldn't have said that. I have the number one album this week, and I shouldn't have released it? Come on, man. You sound like a dickhead.... It just shocked me because, like, you're trade magazines. None of your opinions count. And by the way, none of you can do it.”
Kendrick Lamar: Rapper of the Year

By Steve Marsh Photographs by Sebastian Kim
...on seeing Tupac in a vision when he was 21:
"I was coming from a late studio session, sleeping on Mom's couch. I'm 26 now-it wasn't that long ago. I remember being tired, tripping from the studio, lying down, and falling into a deep sleep and seeing a vision of Pac talking to me. Weirdest shit ever. I'm not huge on superstition and all that shit. That's what made it so crazy. It can make you go nuts. Hearing somebody that you looked up to for years saying, "Don't let the music die.' hearing it clear as day. Clear as day. Like he's right there. Just a silhouette."

To view each Men of the Year cover, visit GQ Magazine!
Who is your favorite Man of the Year?



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