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Friday, September 5, 2014

Top to Bottom (left to right): Albenny Top, $48. Fabienne Top, $66. Cutout Bra, $48. Sandie Tote, $28. Eara Short, $42. Saleena Crop Pant, $64. Odonna Bra, $42.

Now that school is back in full force it is hard to find the time to squeeze in workout sessions. Before you get into the habit of work, school, homework, prepare for work, repeat here are a few tips on how to make sure that you work up a sweat and look great while doing it!

1. Schedule your workouts - Sit down at the start of your week and pick out a time each day when you will work out. It should be something you can commit to (3 days a week or every day for 30 minutes) so that you don't set unrealistic standards. Having scheduled workouts makes getting physical a priority and makes backing out a lot harder.

2. Workout with a pal - This is my plan of action. I work out with my coworker during our lunch breaks and it is the best. We get to laugh and encourage each other and it brings in the factor of being accountable.

3. Find clothes that make you want to workout - There are days when I'm lagging and I really would rather eat fast food and read magazines on my lunch break but I know at the end of the day I'll regret it. Those are the days when I go to work in my workout clothes. Beware...I'm a copywriter with my own cubicle and my job luckily does not have a dress code whatsoever. This is where it is important to have workout clothes that can be worn for everyday purposes like going to work or running errands.


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