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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

It's not throwback Thursday but I am feeling very reminiscent as I start a new chapter in my life. I'll be 30 in January, I'm starting a new job and looking for a home. Whenever I have a lot of life changes I like to look back and see how much progress has been made. I've been cleaning out my storage and found a reference to Myspace that sent me straight down the rabbit hole to the year 2009. I was 23, done with school, and in a weird relationship (who wasn't?)  My favorite part of the social media site were the quizzes because they actually made me think about things I never considered. I took a quiz and deleted all of the answers to see what the difference is now from 6 years ago.


What is today's date? July 29, 2015

What was the first thing that happened? I ran through the six by myself (I ran errands)

Who was the first person you talked to? My mom

What was the best thing that happened so far? I had a day where I spoke to everyone I loved that doesn't usually happen in a single day.

What was the best thing you've eaten? Chik-fil-A nuggets!

What's the worst thing you've eaten? I had a Swedish fish that my niece insisted on feeding me like I was a baby orca.

Who were you with? My family

Where did you go? Wal-mart and my dance classes (zumba and belly dancing)

What did you wear? Workout clothes all day baby!

What did you buy? Supplies for my new job

What was the best song you heard?

What's the funniest thing that happened? My talking to my cousin about our adventures in San Fran

Have you cried today? Actually yes

Why? Finding out a little about a lot is always rough lol


What's tomorrow's date? July 30th, 2015

Got any plans? Dance and meet with my best friend for lunch

Is there anything you HAVE to do? Go to the DMV

Who are you going to be with? Myself

What would you like to get accomplished? Narrow down schools for Law school

Who are you definitely going to talk to? Probably my family

Do you have to go to school/work? nopeeeee


Who do you want to marry? I'm sure I haven't met him yet

When do you want to get married? I don't have a time frame for that.

How do you want to get married? Near the water with just our family and great food

Where do you want to settle down at? By the beach for sure

What's your dream job? I would love to write for a magazine and have my own business

How many kids do you want? Cinco

What do you want your kid's names to be? That's still a strange question. I don't really think about it too much

Do you want to have kids early or later on in life? I think the answer is later in life by default lol

What kind of house do you want to live in? I want to live in a house with more than enough space for family gatherings, a backyard, and nice places to entertain people

What kind of car do you want to drive? G-wagon without a doubt

How many and what kind of pets do you want to have? Probably just a goldfish. That seems like something I can keep alive.

Where do you want to go to college (If you haven't already)? I am done with school!!! Currently torn between getting my PHD or a law degree.

These everyday random questions actually make me think about what I'm doing and where I'm going. Here is my post from 2009:


What is today's date? April 11, 2009

What was the first thing that happened? I woke up and got ready for church

Who was the first person you talked to? My sister
What was the best thing that happened so far? Going to was a nice service.

What was the best thing you've eaten? A strawberry shortcake ice cream lol...that's all i've had today.

Whats the worst thing you've eaten? Refer to the question above lol

Who were you with? Myself :-/

Where did you go? Church, target, and home soooo fantastic lol.

What did you wear? A pink top and black pants and a black sweater

What did you buy? Soda

What was the best song you heard? That's not my name by the Ting Tings

What's the funniest thing that happened? i'll get back to you....

Have you cried today? Actually I have...

Why? well.... lol...i'm actually kind of sad but everyone is allowed a day or two i suppose.


What's tomorrow's date? April 12, 2009 Easter!!!

Got any plans? Church with my mom and then I may go visit my friend, I may just lay in bed.

Is there anything you HAVE to do? Church with my mom i suppose

Who are you going to be with? My family

What would you like to get accomplished? I have alterations to do so get a good start on those, maybe even do my laundry

Who are you definitely going to talk to? My mom and my sister

Do you have to go to school/work? No!!!!!!!!!!! Woooo lol


Who do you want to marry? question.

When do you want to get married? Sooner than later....maybe 25.

How do you want to get married? Somewhere private and near water but with all my family and friends...thats all.

Where do you want to settle down at? Idaho!!!!!!!!! No, really maybe Rancho....maybe france...

Whats your dream job? Designer for a lifestyle brand: women's, men's, and children clothes and invitations and furniture. Not too much to ask for right?

How many kids do you want? 3 for sure 4 if i'm not crazy after the 3rd lol.

What do you want your kid's names to be? I have a strict "no baby names" i'll think about that later.

Do you want to have kids early or later on in life? Later as in after I get married.

What kind of house do you want to live in? A loft is my dream while I'm single but after I'm married i'd like a house with a giant front and backyard with a garden and see through cabinets.

What kind of car do you want to drive? A nice one..,not really a car person

How many and what kind of pets do you want to have? That doesn't really seem like something you plan out lol...if my fish is still alive I'll be taking that with me (sha' nae' nae) and maybe a puppy...who knows.

Where do you want to go to college (If you haven't already)? I'm done with school but I'm applying to Cal State LA to get a MFA in Fashion Design...say a prayer, keep your fingers crossed, do whatever you can.

I hope I've saved more so I can share them with you all. What is your favorite way to walk down memory lane?

The 5 Minute Water Song Challenge - Save our Water

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I'm a born and raised Californian and over the last year we have been bombarded with ads about the water drought. At first I thought, "what's the big deal?" but after seeing my favorite waterfalls drying up I've realized its a huge deal.  After doing research I've found that by not showering for longer that 5 minutes I can save up to 100 gallons of water a week. I was recently given a shower timer that is timed for 5 minutes and I've challenged myself to scrub-a-dub in 5 minutes or less. If you've known me for 5 minutes you'll know that I also love music and making list so I've compiled my top ten favorite songs (5 minutes or less) to shower to.

When I shower I'll pick a song, sing at the top of my lungs, and when it's over I'll be clean. Hopefully this will be a great start in my doing my part and keeping my beautiful state just that!

1. Still Into you - Paramore
2. Pretty hurts - Beyoncé (The video is 7 minutes long but she chats during it so it still makes the cut)
3. Lights and camera - Yuna
4. Furthest thing - Drake
5. Walk on - U2
6. Harder to breathe - Maroon 5
7. Young and beautiful - Lana Del Rey
8. Dog Days are Over - Florence and the Machine
9. You know you like it - DJ Snake & Aluna George
10. Lean on - Major Lazer

You can find more information on water conservation at Comment below on your favorite songs and what you'll be doing to save water. Use the hashtag #5minuteshowersong on twitter and Instagram to share your songs and I'll compile a giant list at the end of the week!

*Not a sponsored post. I just want my future children to have an ocean to swim in!

I’m taking my talents to Palm Springs!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Weekend two for Coachella is almost here and it is important to know the area and things to do other than rage to great music and sit in the sun.

Palm Spring is just down the freeway and there are great hotels to stay at and plenty of things to do after the festival.

Here is a list of my top 5 favorite things to do in Palm Springs:

1. Palm Springs Aerial Tramway – This 10 minute tram ride shows people the beauty and the rugged mountains that surround Palm Springs.

2. Plate/Glass – This dessert bar is formally know as Crave  and is an after desert bar flourless. It has  the perfect vibe to talk with friends and share dessert and a glass of wine!

3. Painted Canyon – Located in Mecca, CA this place is great for sight-seeing or hiking. The rocks have a variety of colors and there are ladders placed to help hikers climb through caves and over the tough spots.
4. Palm Springs Art Museum – I’m obsessed with going to museums when I visit places ( I use to want to be an art history teacher). The Palm Springs museum features modern art, photography, and architecture.
5. El Paseo – Deemed the Rodeo Drive of the Desert, El Paseo is the home to stores like Kate Spade New York, Anthropologie, Escada, and J. Crew. This is a great place to have lunch with friends and do a little retail therapy while hanging out in the desert.

What are your favorite things to do in Palm Spring?

Mani Monday: Painted Desert Nails

Monday, April 13, 2015

With Coachella coming upon us in just a few days, celebrity and fashion manicurist Deborah Lippmann has her pulse on the coolest nail looks to rock at the festival. Check out the full step-by-step below, featuring shades from her brand new Summer 2015 collection, Painted Desert!

Inspiration: “Coachella Music Festival has become the free-spirited girl’s playground and an event where we look forward to seeing boho-chic fashion and beauty looks prevail. Exploring the event’s spontaneous atmosphere and style inspired me to fashion a blend of playful and expressive new nail art looks. I updated the traditional negative space and ombré designs using my appropriately named summer 2015 collection - Painted Desert.”  – Deborah Lippmann, Founder and Creative Director
Get The Striped Negative Space Nail Look:
Step 1: Apply deborah lippmann Fast Girls base coat and let dry fully.
Step 2: Using French tip guides, or thin pieces of scotch tape (1/8-inch recommended), place two across the middle of each nail to create a total of three areas to paint. (Note: one color will ultimately be painted at the moon/base, one color in the middle and one color at the tip).  
Step 3: One nail at a time, paint a section with one of the four shades from the Summer 2015 Painted Desert collection: Shifting Sands, Terra Nova, Love In The Dunes and Desert Moon. Wait two minutes to dry. 
Step 4: Quickly and carefully lift the scotch tape or tip guides, then repeat steps 3 and 4 for the remaining nails. 
Step 5: Carefully apply a second coat of color to each nail with a nail art detail brush, waiting two minutes to dry.
Step 6: Finish the look by applying a deborah lippmann top coat, such as Addicted To Speed.

Products Used:                                                           
·       deborah lippmann Fast Girls Base Coat - $20
·       deborah lippmann Shifting Sands Nail Lacquer (NEW May 2015) - $18
·       deborah lippmann Terra Nova Nail Lacquer (NEW May 2015) - $18
·       deborah lippmann Love In the Dunes Nail Lacquer (NEW May 2015) - $18
·       deborah lippmann Desert Moon Nail Lacquer (NEW May 2015) - $18
·       deborah lippmann Addicted To Speed Top Coat - $20 

Get the Ombré Nail Look:
Step 1: Apply a deborah lippmann base coat, such as the new All About That Base.
Step 2: Think of the length of your nail in stripes of seven horizontal sections. Stipple the 7 colors in the following order from down at the base up the nail towards the tip: Shifting Sands, You’ve Got A Friend, Terra Nova, Let’s Stay Together, Love In The Dunes, Desert Moon and Come Fly With Me.
To “Stipple”, use a small nail art brush with a little bit of color on it to make tiny, uneven dots. Use a light, swift hand and a small amount of polish and quickly dab the brush to help blend the colors together. Wait two minutes to dry.
Step 3: Repeat step 2, waiting two minutes to dry. Working on the gradation of two colors at a time blends the easiest. Think of the dots intertwining to transition colors and create an ombré effect.
Step 4: Finish the look by applying deborah lippmann Addicted To Speed top coat.

Products Used:                                                           
·       deborah lippmann All About That Base CC Base Coat - $20
·       deborah lippmann Shifting Sands Nail Lacquer (NEW May 2015) - $18
·       deborah lippmann You’ve Got a Friend Nail Lacquer (sold in a set of fashion sizes, 15th Anniversary I’ve Gotta Be Me Limited Edition Collection) - $49
·       deborah lippmann Terra Nova Nail Lacquer (NEW May 2015) - $18
·       deborah lippmann Let’s Stay Together Nail Lacquer (sold in a set of fashion sizes, Recipe for Love
Limited Edition Collection) - $36
·       deborah lippmann Love In the Dunes Nail Lacquer (NEW May 2015) - $18
·       deborah lippmann Desert Moon Nail Lacquer (NEW May 2015) - $18
·       deborah lippmann Come Fly With Me Nail Lacquer – (sold in a set of fashion sizes, 15th Anniversary Until Your Dreams Come True Limited Edition Music Box) - $195
·       deborah lippmann Addicted To Speed Top Coat - $20 

Product Availability:, Barneys New York, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Sephora doors nationwide
What is your favorite nail art trend this festival season??

My top 5 Travel Destinations

Friday, March 20, 2015

Today is the first day of spring and the first thing I think of is packing my bags and getting on a plane. This year I plan on making a trip overseas and getting my first stamp on my passport. The first places that I researched are these five and I hope that I get to see at least one of them before this year is up!

Barbados: This island is know for their clear blue water and raising the pop star Rihanna. It is the easternmost island in the Lesser Antilles and is considered a part of the Caribbean and is a top tourist spot. The website for the country is a portal into their everyday life and their tourist attractions. I want to visit because my paternal grandparents are natives and I would like to see where they grew up. I am also a sucker for the beach and these crystal clear waters are calling my name.

Greece: The website for Greece is aimed at tourist and the excitement that they can find while visiting Greece. They offer knowledge currency exchange, places to find tour guides, hotels and transportation. The places I would like to visit are Mykonos and Santorini. I would also like to visit their museums and local attractions to get an organic feel of the culture.

Paris: I love the idea of being in the city of romance. The number one place I want to visit is the Love Lock bridge to make a wish or share a special moment with the guy that I love. This is the number one spot on my list of places to go because there is so much history and culture.

Maldives: I was introduced to this beautiful place through an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians and right away I added this to my places to visit. The nice water, island huts, white sands looked so appealing that I began researching the country right away. The tourist website gives details on how to get to the Maldives, things to do while you are there, and where to stay.

Rio De Janeiro: This is the country that will be hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics. They have recently just displayed the Olympic flag after being in London for the past four years. I want to visit to take a helicopter ride to see Christ the Redeemer and the Tijuca National Park. This website was not trying to sell tourist on coming to their country but simply states facts on the high points of the country.

Where are your favorite places to travel?


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The definition of travel is to make a journey, typically of some length or abroad. Lately, I have been obsessed with the idea of travelling through life. I had a moment last week where I stopped and asked myself, “how did I get here?” Just a year ago I was planning to move to Los Angeles and had grand plans for myself and now I am just wondering where all those plans went. How did I travel to this place of uncertainty?

I spoke with someone today and they told me not be so concerned with “making it” but focus on being prepared for the journey. This includes being a good person, living a moral life, knowing who you are, and being a follower of Christ. Naturally there are more things to getting through life but with these basics anything is possible. That helped me with the feeling of being lost but also motivated me to continue with my goals.

Not only do I want to travel through life living the best that I know how, I want to make a difference and leave a positive footprint. This way I can travel and explore and make a difference.

If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be and why?

Staycation, Darling!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring is right around the corner and I can't wait for the warmer weather! When I think of going on a vacation the first thing that comes to my mind if hanging out at the beach. I never think that there are plenty of places near me that will give me the feeling of being on vacation. The new thing is going on a staycation where you find great things to do near you that will help you relax but you won’t even have to buy a plane ticket!

Here are a few great things to do in Riverside, CA (my hometown)!

1. The Mission Inn

The Mission Inn is the most famous hotel and spa in Riverside and draws thousands of visitors each year. During the winter the city comes together to celebrate the Lighting of the Mission Inn with the Festival of Lights. It has grown from a small event where the mission inn is lit for the holidays into a full blown festival with street vendors and music. The Mission in has a cupcake shop, a spa, and a museum.

2. Fox Theater

Opened in 1929, the Spanish Colonial Revival style theater served the community as a combination cinema/vaudeville house and attracted well-known performers including Bing Crosby and Judy Garland. Also popular as a location for motion picture previews, the theater was the site of the first public screening of “Gone with the Wind” in 1939.

3. Castle Park

Castle Park is an amusement park founded in 1976 that has been expanding ever since. The park includes a full amusement ride park featuring 27 rides suitable for all ages, four championship miniature golf courses, a vast selection of carnival midway games, a water playground, retail shops, a video arcade, performances by “Anthony the Magic” and various party locations including the circus tent themed “Big Top.” Castle Park is located right off the 91 freeway in the city of Riverside, California.

4. Riverside Metropolitan Museum

The Riverside Metropolitan Museum is a history, anthropological, and natural science museum located in the historic Mission Inn District of Riverside, California, United States.

5. California Citrus State Historic Park

The 377-acre park was acquired for its historic setting in the Arlington Heights area of Riverside, California. The park reflects Victorian style landscaping and craftsman bungalow architecture popular at the turn of the century. The park has two goals – to tell the colorful and far-reaching history of the citrus industry, and to preserve a vanishing cultural landscape.

Where is your favorite place to vacation?

Monday Inspiration

Monday, March 9, 2015

I found this while browsing on Pinterest and thought it would be a great way to start the week. I pray that you all have a wonderful week full of opportunities and we all make decisions that make us proud. Remember that each new day is an opportunity that God has given us to follow his plan and live a life full of love!


Objects of Affection

Monday, January 19, 2015

Valentine's day is less than a month away and the air is filled with great gifts and treasures! No matter what your relationship status is be sure you get a sweet treat. Here is a guide that will be the perfect map for your sweetie to get you the right gift!

Mani Monday: Deborah Lippmann Creates Nail Look for Co-Host Allison Janney

Monday, January 12, 2015

Now that awards season is off to a running start, it is time to pay attention to the details and shine a light on the fancy red carpet manicures. Deborah Lippmann is the Queen of red carpet manicures and this season she lives up to the hype once again with a manicure for People's Choice Award's co-host Allison Janney (stars in CBS' Mom).

Deborah Lippmann has shared the steps on how to achieve a perfect red carpet manicure using products from her Spring 2015 Whisper Collection which is soft, elegant, and understated. Here is how to have your ten tips painted to perfection:


  1. Deborah applied a layer of her NEW All About That Base CC Base Coat ($20, to provide 10 nail treatment benefits and immediate nail perfecting coverage.
  2. Deborah used 2 layers of her NEW Like Dreamers Do Nail Lacquer, a sheer whimsical pale bisque from the Spring 2015 Whisper Collection ($18,
  3. After a layer of Gel Lab Top Coat ($45 as a set,, for long-wear, was applied, Deborah finished off the look with her NEW The Wait Is Over Quick Dry Drops ($20, 
  • Deborah supplemented the soft, subtle shade of the nail lacquer by giving Allison a feminine, almond shape to her nails, a simple elegance that elongates the fingers.
  • On the toes, Deborah used Modern Love, a dusty mauve that puts a feminine and edgy twist on the classic nude ($18, 
Chat with me and the the manicurist themselves on our social media:
  • Deborah Lippmann @deborahlippmann
  • Deborah’s First Assistant Elisa Wishan @mobelisa
  • Allison Janney @AllisonBJanney
  • Loretta Vandivier @findmefab