My top 5 Travel Destinations

Friday, March 20, 2015

Today is the first day of spring and the first thing I think of is packing my bags and getting on a plane. This year I plan on making a trip overseas and getting my first stamp on my passport. The first places that I researched are these five and I hope that I get to see at least one of them before this year is up!

Barbados: This island is know for their clear blue water and raising the pop star Rihanna. It is the easternmost island in the Lesser Antilles and is considered a part of the Caribbean and is a top tourist spot. The website for the country is a portal into their everyday life and their tourist attractions. I want to visit because my paternal grandparents are natives and I would like to see where they grew up. I am also a sucker for the beach and these crystal clear waters are calling my name.

Greece: The website for Greece is aimed at tourist and the excitement that they can find while visiting Greece. They offer knowledge currency exchange, places to find tour guides, hotels and transportation. The places I would like to visit are Mykonos and Santorini. I would also like to visit their museums and local attractions to get an organic feel of the culture.

Paris: I love the idea of being in the city of romance. The number one place I want to visit is the Love Lock bridge to make a wish or share a special moment with the guy that I love. This is the number one spot on my list of places to go because there is so much history and culture.

Maldives: I was introduced to this beautiful place through an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians and right away I added this to my places to visit. The nice water, island huts, white sands looked so appealing that I began researching the country right away. The tourist website gives details on how to get to the Maldives, things to do while you are there, and where to stay.

Rio De Janeiro: This is the country that will be hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics. They have recently just displayed the Olympic flag after being in London for the past four years. I want to visit to take a helicopter ride to see Christ the Redeemer and the Tijuca National Park. This website was not trying to sell tourist on coming to their country but simply states facts on the high points of the country.

Where are your favorite places to travel?


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