Mani Monday: Deborah Lippmann for Tatiana Maslany x Emmy Awards 2016

Monday, September 26, 2016

A legendary Hollywood glam squad guru, Deborah Lippmann worked with one of this year’s most glamorous ladies at The Emmy Awards, Tatiana Maslany, where she opted for a clean, sophisticated nail that accented Maslany’s modern look. Lippmann states, “Tatiana’s look tonight was utter modern sophistication with a stunning red dress that featured sharp lines by Alexander Wang. Her soft messy chignon was complemented by natural makeup and a slight shimmery eye. To keep this clean elegance, I used my most popular red carpet nude – Naked. She is an incredibly talented actress that I have admired with her profoundly intelligent role of multiple characters in Orphan Black.”

To Create the nail look

  1. Deborah prepped the nails using her signature 5-step manicure technique: First, she cleansed the nails with The Stripper nail lacquer remover ($19), shaped the nails with her Smooth Operator 4-way nail buffer ($12), exfoliate with the Cuticle Remover ($20, and hydrate the hand and nails with Rich Girl SPF 25 Hand Cream ($28) and The Cure ($24), respectively.
  2. Deborah applied a layer of Gel Lab Base Coat ($45).
  3. Next, she applied layers (both to fingers and toes) of a clean bare beige, Naked, a perfect complement to Tatiana’s vibrant red gown.
  4. She topped off the look with a layer of Gel Lap Top Coat ($45)
  5. After allowing the nails to dry one minute, she applied a drop of the NEW quick dry drops, The Wait is Over ($20)
  6. You can purchase these products at, Sephora, Nordstrom, Barneys New York, Bloomingdale’s, and Neiman Marcus.
What was your favorite nail look at the Emmy Awards? 

Beyonce Vs. Food Network

Friday, June 17, 2016

Photo By: Food Network Instagram

Ok, Food Network now lets get in formation. On June 10, The Food Network posted a seemingly harmless photo promoting their article, Find Out What Foods These Celebs Have in Their Fridge. The photo shows the interior of a refrigerator, highlighting what mega-celebrities such as Taylor Swift, George Clooney, and Beyoncé keep in their kitchen. The image attempted to show the celebs next to shelves of food, related to what they actually mention in their respective articles, fruits and vegetables.

However, when it came to Beyoncé she was placed next to an assortment of cakes, watermelon, and what appears to be blue Kool-Aid.

Ok, let that sink in for a minute.

Instagram users soon began to call out the television network for placing Queen Bey next to junk food and watermelon, which contradicts what the actual StyleCaster article states. The original article says, “As expected, there are plenty of healthy items like a bowl of citrus fruits, carrot sticks, and a package of eggs, along with several condiments and drinks. “ So why are we looking at an image of Beyonce’s face next to a Louisiana crunch cake?

A collective sign from people around the world can be heard as we are once fed the stereotypical image of an African American woman with poor eating habits. Despite Bey’s endorsement of the 22 Days Nutrition Vegan Meal delivery service and an actual image of the inside of her fridge, The Food Network just couldn’t help themselves.

While some users are quick to point out that the photo of the refrigerator is all one image, it is hard to ignore the placement of the photos. This article also references Taylor Swifts Bon appétit interview, where she said she has these six foods in her fridge: eggs, thinly sliced deli chicken and ham, orange juice, Diet Coke, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and her splurge food: a tube of cinnamon rolls.

Based on Taylor Swift’s own words, shouldn’t her image sit next to the bottom shelf of junk food?  This begs the questions of who created the image and how the placement of an African American next to watermelon and junk food is acceptable enough to post on social media.

We’ll wait…

Summer is Calling

Monday, April 18, 2016

Summer is fast approaching and the only thing that I’m concerned about is (1) hanging out by the pool and (2) finally finding a bathing suit that I love. To be honest, I hate searching for a swimsuit (I reallllly hate the entire process), but I found the Adore Me website and I fell in love. Through commercials and non-stop internet shopping, I discovered the brand's sweet swimwear collection and instantly wanted to buy one of everything.

If you aren’t familiar with Adore Me, they are a brand that offers memberships geared towards your monthly shopping convenience. If you sign up for the VIP membership, you’ll receive sexy new lingerie sets to view and decide on. They will charge your card (the card that you add) and you will receive a credit to shop. You totally have option to skip a month and they have a pay-as-you-go option, if you aren’t a monthly shopper!

So now that I am done daydreaming about wearing the Mirra bikini while vacationing with Drake, I've decided to share a post with my favorite people (you) about this amazing brand and their body-positive mission. Here are a few of my favorite styles and a really inspiring video, featuring Loey Lane!

P.S. I think I hear the Bahamas calling my name!
Swimsuits from left to right: Holly Green Halter Bikini, Claudia Floral Swimsuit,, Kaia White Strappy One-Piece Swimsuit, Dana Banded Red Halter Bikini, Paloma High-Waisted Polka Dot Bikini
For more information about Adore Me, visit their website, Instagram and Twitter!