Beyonce Vs. Food Network

Friday, June 17, 2016

Photo By: Food Network Instagram

Ok, Food Network now lets get in formation. On June 10, The Food Network posted a seemingly harmless photo promoting their article, Find Out What Foods These Celebs Have in Their Fridge. The photo shows the interior of a refrigerator, highlighting what mega-celebrities such as Taylor Swift, George Clooney, and Beyoncé keep in their kitchen. The image attempted to show the celebs next to shelves of food, related to what they actually mention in their respective articles, fruits and vegetables.

However, when it came to Beyoncé she was placed next to an assortment of cakes, watermelon, and what appears to be blue Kool-Aid.

Ok, let that sink in for a minute.

Instagram users soon began to call out the television network for placing Queen Bey next to junk food and watermelon, which contradicts what the actual StyleCaster article states. The original article says, “As expected, there are plenty of healthy items like a bowl of citrus fruits, carrot sticks, and a package of eggs, along with several condiments and drinks. “ So why are we looking at an image of Beyonce’s face next to a Louisiana crunch cake?

A collective sign from people around the world can be heard as we are once fed the stereotypical image of an African American woman with poor eating habits. Despite Bey’s endorsement of the 22 Days Nutrition Vegan Meal delivery service and an actual image of the inside of her fridge, The Food Network just couldn’t help themselves.

While some users are quick to point out that the photo of the refrigerator is all one image, it is hard to ignore the placement of the photos. This article also references Taylor Swifts Bon appétit interview, where she said she has these six foods in her fridge: eggs, thinly sliced deli chicken and ham, orange juice, Diet Coke, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and her splurge food: a tube of cinnamon rolls.

Based on Taylor Swift’s own words, shouldn’t her image sit next to the bottom shelf of junk food?  This begs the questions of who created the image and how the placement of an African American next to watermelon and junk food is acceptable enough to post on social media.

We’ll wait…


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